Voyager: Middle Europe: Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria

The Voyager series takes the reader beyond the familiar aspects of a culture. Unique among our travelogs, Voyager provides a concise history of the culture along with scenic tours,
as it immerses the reader into the current political and popular mindsets of the subject culture, and their relevance to the outside world. A future series will feature the Czech Republic, the nations of the former Yugoslavia, and Poland.

This series focuses on four nations, conspicuous by their former membership in the now extinct Communist Bloc:

1. Slovakia: History, landmarks, The Slavic settlements

2. Romania and Moldova: History, landmarks

3. Bulgaria: Origins, the Bulgars, landmarks

4. Hungary: History, tradition in music

We set these nations apart from those which were part of the Soviet Union (those within the borders of the U.S.S.R.), and included them in what we call ‘Middle Europe’.

Very little is known about these countries to those beyond European borders. After decades of captivity during the dark years of the Cold War, the world is now discovering the richness of the land and cultures. Also, very little is remembered of the pivotal wars staged in this region. We will discuss the numerous kings and clerics which brought civilization and stability during the post-Roman Empire years,.while providing breath-taking scenery of the land.
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