Moldova Vintage Country Flag Tablet Case Cover Designs for Apple iPad Mini 2


This is a brand new phone case cover design is made to print on order. Materials is made of premium rigid plastic finished off with matte and gloss to provide the shine. Make your phone both fashionable and functional with this cool case cover. This case provides protection for your phone device. The outside surface has been specially designed to have a smooth, comfortable grip. The molded frame on the sides tightly encapsulates all supporting phone devices so that it provides your phone protection on all sides at all times. The case has a slim, lightweight profile to reduce bulk and ensure that it’s a truly convenient and stylish accessory to have on the go. Rounded out with full access to all controls, buttons, sockets and space the camera, this case cover is for those who want fantastic function from their case cover while looking cool at the same time.Brand New
Enhanced protection and style for your device
Prevent scratches to your phone
Secure grip and reduced slippage
Molded to fit perfectly with full access to all buttons and ports